Our purpose is to grow the resilience and self-sufficiency

of the Russell community

in the face of environmental and wellbeing challenges

We are an incorporated not-for-profit organisation called Resilient Russell Charitable Trust.

The Trust is a registered charity (CC56638)

We are a volunteer organisation based in Russell in the heart of New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Islands

What we do

Waste Minimisation

Our volunteers work with Far North District Council, Local volunteer groups and Businesses including Northland Waste Ltd  and The Carbon Cycle Compost Company to create a circular economy by implementing better waste minimisation practices on the Russell Peninsula and surrounds.


Russell Lights

We are the proud publishers of Russell Lights, the monthly community publication servicing Russell township, Russell Peninsula and beyond. Russell Lights is available in local shops, online and by mail-out.  


Fixation is a inspirational project with a retail shop and workshop on York Street, Russell.  Their purpose is to prevent fabric from going to landfill by teaching and sharing skills to create garments and accessories that are useful and attractive, made from 'nothing of value'.  The proceeds from these items are used to provide charitable donations to organisations and projects that are consistent with the Trust's purpose.  

"The Shed"

"The Shed" is a workshop in Russell owned by The Resilient Russell Charitable Trust, and generously gifted by Rod Haines. It is the base for The Russell Mens Shed Group is affiliated with MenzShed New Zealand.  The purpose of The Group is to bring people together to have a laugh, share.technical skills and prevent waste going to landfill by recycling, up cycling, repairing and working on practical projects for the benefit of the Russell Community. 

Recycling Ambassadors

To date, our event waste ambassadors have successfully diverted over 70% of waste going to landfill.   Read more...

We also work alongside Eco Solutions http://www.ecosolutions.org.nz/ for the celebrations at Waitangi on 6th February each year

The trust offers an associate membership and is always keen to hear from anyone who can contribute to the well-being of the community, the region and the planet, through sensible waste management.

Hot Composting

We have encouraged organisers of events to use compostable plates and cutlery and our local marae has adopted this policy for all large-scale events. Most of our local eateries are now offering compostable cups and plates supplied by for take-away coffee and meals. These are then collected and taken to our composting site to be mulched and added to our hot composting boxes.

We use compost bins generously provided by Carbon Cycle Compost https://carboncyclecompost.com/ for our hot composting initiative  Read more....