Recyclers Volunteers

Resilient Russell volunteers set up and monitor the recycle stations for the annual Russell Birdman Festival.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote, educate and facilitate the implementation of effective and sustainable waste diversion within the community to help preserve our precious and unique environment for locals and visitors to appreciate and enjoy.

Our Structure 

Our current structure consists of 4 Trustees including 2 executive positions: Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer. We have an operational committee appointed by and including the Trustees. We also have a wider membership of persons and/or organisations who wish to support or take an interest in the purpose of the trust. Membership is only $10 per annum and our subscriptions help us fund our initiatives. If you are a local and interested in joining as a member please contact us.


We started five years ago as Russell Recyclers and are now well-known recycling ‘ambassadors’ for a number of events in the Far North to educate the public on how to correctly dispose of waste to reduce landfill. We are always investigating other avenues to improve waste minimisation, re-use and recycling in the area.

Our community has much to gain from a vibrant, active, sustainable community and we believe improved waste management, motivated and implemented by the community, will significantly contribute towards Russell’s resilience and ongoing sustainability.

By establishing the Trust, we aim to create employment and training opportunities and contribute towards generating additional community wealth that remains local while at the same time keeping our town looking beautiful. It will have a significant and beneficial environmental impact - ensuring our position as socially responsible kaitiaki (caretakers) of the environment for future generations.


Resilient Russell Charitable Trust is a member of Zero Waste Network New Zealand