18th July 2019


Two recent events in Russell have highlighted the continuing need to manage waste.

At the popular Birdman Festival held recently, Resilient Russell representatives collected 1.313 litres (1.3 cubic metres) of material from five bin stations. It meant 77 percent of the total amount collected was earmarked for composting and recycling instead of going to the landfill.  

Much of the total waste collected (66 percent) was composted while 11 percent was recycled.

In May at the much smaller Russell School Gala Day, 73 percent of the waste collected was composted. 

Resilient Russell (formerly Russell Recyclers) spokesman, Alastair MacDuff, said before the recycling bins managed by waste ‘ambassadors’ were installed at these events, almost all the waste would go to the landfill.

“There is still a need for education and careful waste management,” he said.  “Our presence at events is showing quantifiable results and the community is certainly embracing the message.”

The compostable waste collected from all Russell events is managed by Auckland company, NZ Box, which has donated hot composting boxes to the Trust. 

Average statistics from our last events as recycling ambassadors. 76% of the total waste, saved from landfill!